ITIL RCV Passed!

Today I passed my test so I can say I’m certified in ITIL Release, Control, and Validation. All last week I was in class so that I cold get enough hours so I could take my test today. Truthfully I could have taken the test on Friday afternoon but I wanted a little extra time to study. I am slowly but surely going towards getting my ITIL Expert certification but I don’t intend to try and get it this year. Along with my certification I get credits at work. I need to have a certain number of credits on a rolling 3 year basis and ITIL training is a good way to generate those credits.

I think I’m about 2 classes away from being able to sit for the final class before achieving ITIL Expert. There are two ways to get to Expert but I’ve been taking classes here and there so my route to Expert is a little unorthodox. No matter it fills up credit hours which is my primary goal.

The test this time around seemed harder than Service Design which I took a few weeks ago but at least this time I was able to pass it the first time around. I think I’ve hit upon a decent strategy for passing these things which is a combination of not waiting too long to take the test and also doing some intense studying so I memorize the material. As it happens there are always those little things that they decide to test you on that I don’t study and they always seem to ask those questions on the test. Needless to say for RCV I didn’t do as well as I was hoping but a pass is a pass and I have my certification.

I’ll be taking a break until next fall to take more classes in ITIL. What I really want most is to be able to get my Certified IT Asset Manager certification. I’ve been doing IT Asset Management since I started working and I happen to be pretty good at it so I might as well try and get certified in it. Although in the past I’ve struggled passing tests on topics where I have a lot of knowledge since my personal experiences get in the way of what the “book” answer is. But that’s for me to tackle next year. Unless something required comes up I’m not taking anymore optional training. My brain is full of stuff I may or may not use in the next year and I need the space in my head to fill it with family memories instead.

Passed my ITIL Service Design Test

This past Friday I finally passed my ITIL Service Design Intermediate test. In my current role, getting this certification is pretty important since it puts me on the path to get an ITIL Expert Certification. The only crummy part about getting the certification is that I was able to pass it on my second attempt. The test is only 8 multiple choice questions but they are situation based and try and test your knowledge across multiple areas that are presented during the training. The training itself wasn’t that bad. I took distance learning which meant I could do it from the comfort of my own home which is nice.

Based on past experience I attempted to take the test right after the class but that was not the best strategy. Although this was the complete opposite of my past strategy which was to wait a month before taking the test. I came very close to passing the first time, missed it by only 2 points, but I was still pissed that I was so close. I ended up paying for another test which kind of sucked but I was determined to pass this time. I had to study for the next week trying to remember all the stuff that I learned in class. My iPad came in very handy during this time. I decided to try doing daily mind dumps using Notability. I’d say this definitely helped me remember most of the concepts that I learned. It was also cool that the extra materials I got from class I was able to view using my app.

The second attempt at passing was much better after doing a lot more studying. I’ll have to take a few more of these classes and tests before getting an ITIL Expert certification but at least now I know what I personally have to do in order to pass the next test.