Time to Ditch Evernote

I recently got an email from Evernote that they are going to be reducing the capabilities of the Basic account that I've been using for the past 5 years.  Normally I'm fine with that since I don't use Evernote that much these days but the real sticking point was that they were reducing me to … Continue reading Time to Ditch Evernote

Trying out ifttt

I'm trying out this new service that I discovered while browsing through my Twitter feed on Flipboard.  It's a service called ifttt, for those of you that have never heard of this before, it stands for "if this then that".  This is a neat little service that allows you to "put the web to work … Continue reading Trying out ifttt

Why can’t we kill fax machines?

I've realized that in my years being in technology, it's just really hard as hell to kill off old technology. I go to different clients here and there and I hear about critical things running off of mainframes built 30 years ago that can't be replaced. One of the things that I see that can … Continue reading Why can’t we kill fax machines?

Evernote is awesome for work

Traditionally I have been a OneNote kind of person when it comes to taking notes for my work related stuff.  It was nice that I could draw things (which I rarely did), put notes anywhere on the page (which I did a lot), and they were all neatly organized in notebooks.  The only problem with … Continue reading Evernote is awesome for work