Recycling my old junk


It was time to do a little spring cleaning.  Cleaning out the house in CT got me to thinking that some of my other stuff should probably go to Best Buy to that great big junk yard in the sky (or probably some recycling plant in the state).  The devices that I sent to Best Buy were the very first DVD player that I received as a gift from the Mrs. back when we were dating.  I’ve had that DVD player for at least 16 years and it was so awesome since it didn’t have silly protections in it that prevented me from using burned DVD’s.  The Tivo Series 2 was a gift from my friend Luan when I used to live in Tampa.  This thing is 13 years old but hasn’t been working for the past 3 or 4, the hard drive I think is dead (well I know it is because I wasted a lot of time doing research) .  I have a new DVR through Comcast that records in HD and can stream online and to all my TV’s so this thing is going to the recycler as well.

What I didn’t take a picture of was all the different cables and old chargers that I’ve kept around “just in case” but I haven’t touched these things for at least 5 years so I think it was fine to get rid of them.  I had tons of cables for networking, A/V, and 30 pin chargers for my old iPhones that all went to Best Buy.  That has to be one of the most useful services that Best Buy provides me, recycling all my old electronics.  There are a lot more electronics that I think I can recycle but that will wait for another day.  I think what might be next are even more cables (I have 2 drawers of just cables that I’ve collected over the years) and potentially my fathers old Sony VAIO laptop that had copies of my taxes from over a decade ago.  It runs Windows 98 and takes FOREVER to actually run. I’ll take the hard drive out of it of course, I don’t want that data going out into the ether and not under my control but at the same time its going to be hard to find a way to format that drive and all the other ones that I have.  I need to find a good hard drive recycler locally so I can get rid of my drives and data at the same time. I don’t have access to a drill press or anything like that or else I would have done that already.

The desktop isn’t dead yet but I’m still too good at fixing computers to ever let it die.  I’m sure there is hidden technology all over the house that I should really get rid of but I need to find some time and motivation to do it.  I’m definitely a collector of junk, especially electronics (I still have an iPhone 4S, original iPad, and I think my Treo Pro) all still here in the house.  I use the iPhone 4S and iPad occasionally to airplay video but the Treo Pro I keep around because its unlocked and a piece of tech that you just can’t get anymore and it runs Windows Mobile!

I think at some point this Mac that I’m writing this post on will have to go too, Apple is going to update the OS anymore since its on the retirement list (it is 5 years old now) so I will be in the market for a smaller and lighter laptop. The thing I dread is moving a ton of data to a new computer and then trying to do syncing of my devices with that new computer.  I need a better way to sync my iOS  devices, data, and apps (the wifi sync really sucks and is inconsistent).  If I could sync to my NAS I think that would be the best option but iTunes doesn’t support that capability (and probably never will).  Time to get to some anime before bed!


Loving My DVD Player in the Odyssey

I’ve come to have a new appreciation for I car DVD systems. When I purchased the new family Odyssey one of the features that I wanted was to have a DVD system for those really long car rides because the little one needs to have some entertainment. I recently turned the car seat around so now my daughter can face forward and see something other than the rear seat headrest. I’ve put a couple of her DVD’s in the car so that she can watch while we drive. I have to admit that this is way easier than having my wife holding up her iPad so that she can be entertained on long trips.

In addition to having the DVD system, we also have some headphones that link directly to the system so that I can still listen to my music while my daughter can listen to her DVD. Unfortunately my daughter doesn’t like having things on her head so I haven’t been able to listen to music while she watches her shows. It’s kind of weird to listen to a DVD and not be able to watch it. The screen in the front which has my GPS can only show my maps and not what’s in the DVD player. I suppose that’s a safety thing but if my wife ever sits in front with me she won’t be able to watch either.

What I want to try is the HDMI input in the third row. The screen for the DVD player can be split screen so I can watch two things at once. I don’t have the HDMI adapter for my iPad yet but if I can I intend to get one so that I can test out the split screen. I think I will fully test the DVD player sometime in May. I think a trip to Orlando is in order and my daughter should like it this time since it will be much warmer than the other times we’ve gone. If you are a parent, get a car with a DVD player, it will save your sanity.

Blu Ray comes to my household!

After years of contemplating whether or not to get one of these things the wife and I decided to get a Blu Ray player for our house.  I decided on the Sony BDP-N460 player after talking to some friends of mine about image quality and looking up the specs and reviews online.  I have only 1 Blu Ray movie which is Harry Potter but I think there are enough movies and shows on Blu Ray now to justify getting the player.  Not to mention they are starting to bundle DVD, Blu Ray, and Digital Copies of movies in all in one packages which is pretty cool.

There are some advanced features to the player which I haven’t tested out yet but thats because I need to get a wireless network bridge.  It should be able to play Netflix content as well as some other online services like YouTube by connecting to the internet.  Once I save up enough money to do it, I’ll get a bridge and test that out and maybe start subscribing to Netflix so I can watch it online.  I don’t have another Blu Ray player to make a comparison on image quality and stuff like that but it does make my old Sony DVD player look not as great as it used to be.  I hooked up the player to my 42″ plasma using HDMI so I can get full HD.  My other TV’s are too old and don’t support HD but thats ok.

I will say this though, my Sony DVD players have consistently been better than any other players I’ve owned (I still have one from 1999 that my wife gave me when we first started going out).  I have a Samsung DVD player that I think I’ll attach to my 42″ rear projection TV in the family room so I can once again use my Xbox360 for nothing but gaming.  Tonight’s Blu Ray movie will be District 9, time to see what all the hype is about.