Jamba House at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

This year the family and I decided to change things up for new years by spending it at Disney. Normally I would burn a ton of points staying at a Starwood or Hilton but in honor of changing things up we decided to actually stay at a Disney property this tme. We chose to go with the Animal Kingdom Lodge so that my daughter could see the animals every day when she woke up and when we came back from the parks.

We ended up getting a 1 bedroom suite upgrade while we were there and had a god view of the man made savannah that Disney built for their habitat. I would saw almost every day we were able to see Giraffes and Zebra’s from our balcony and a few times we saw the Ostriches waling about and eating grass. There was supposed to be this great place at the hotel where we should have been able to see lots of animals but we were able to see more of them from our room.

One of the cooler things that was available was the use of our Magic Bands that Disney has been rolling out. It was connected to our room account so it was easy to buy food and everything else at the park and at Jamba House. With every Disney visit I always come home with at least a t-shirt or some other trinket.

We ate at Boma for one of our meals which was their buffet restaurant. I had generous helpings of Jungle Juice (its passion fruit, guava juice and orange juice). It was your normal breakfast fare but they added a little spice to their food to make it more like African cuisine.

Overall it was a fu experience and the convenience of staying on property was awesome especially when it came to going to the parks using the provided buses. I have a massive amount of points to burn so I’ll be staying off property on my next adventure but I’d do it again at another Disney resort in the future.















New Mickey Mouse Cartoons

Disney has come out with some new Mickey Mouse cartoons that remind me of the Mickey cartoons of yesteryear. I have a lot of the old Mickey Cartoons on DVD when they released them a few years ago. What I like about these new cartoons is that they have a very modern look to them but they also have a more adult humor than what is shown on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoons. Unlike Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, this isn’t done in CGI which makes it look all 3D. This uses straight up animation that looks like it was drawn which is why I think it looks like the old time cartoons. The style reminds me of how Teen Titans was done on Cartoon Network. I actually like how its drawn and the cartoons are super short with almost no dialog. At best, the cartoons are maybe 3.5 minutes long and they show them at night and not during the early morning.

They show them not only on TV on Disney Channel, but they also have a website dedicated to the cartoons and they’ve expanded the new Mickey Mouse cartoons by having games and other interactive elements to keep people interested. I can also re-watch the cartoons that I might have missed. Most of the characters are there (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Daisy). None of the extra characters that appear in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse have made an appearance yet and I think thats a good thing. I like how they’re keeping it to just the core characters. You can tell that its different from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse since it looks like Mickey and Minnie go out on a lot of dates or the plot is about Mickey impressing Minnie in some form.

I like where these cartoons are headed. I think they would get way more exposure if they put them on the prime time networks like ABC, which is owned by Disney.  If they make a Donald Duck series, that one is definitely going to be Tivo’d.  Click on the picture to head over to the Disney website that has the cartoons!

It’s going to be a busy summer

Over the last year I have hoarded a lot of my vacation time. I’m expecting a nasty gram probably next month from the HR system at work saying that I need to take some vacation time since I’m almost maxed out for the year. Have no fear HR automated system, my vacations have been booked for the summer!

So far I have a trip scheduled for May, July, and August and I’m taking little chunks here and there and not full weeks so I can save a little time for when I want to take a really big trip next year.

Being the Disney fan that I am (and having an annual pass doesn’t hurt either) I will be heading to the House of Mouse sometime in May to celebrate my 8th wedding anniversary with the family. It’s only been a few months since I’ve been there but it’s always nice to go back once in a while and doing it off peak is key to getting on the good rides.

July is reserved for a cruise to the Bahamas. I’ll be going on Norwegian Cruises which I have never taken before but I’m hoping that they will be better than the “Fun Ships” that I have taken in the past. I’m supposedly making two different stops which I have never done before. Most of the time I just stop at Paradise Island and head over to Atlantis because I love their lazy river. The cabin has a port hole too according to my reservation so I will know when it’s morning instead of waking up to complete darkness.

August I’m going to the Bay Area for my friend Kim’s wedding. I’ve worked in the Bay Area since I had two clients out that way but I never had free time or got out of work early enough to actually explore the area. I’m making her wedding into a mini trip to see a little bit of the Bay Area, stuff myself silly, and visit the Sonoma Valley (I don’t drink wine so I’m not all that interested in seeing Napa).

I definitely excited for the summer since I have so many things planned, it should break up my travel schedule quite nicely for work so I’m not all burned out. Now I just have to wait until the summer gets here 🙂