Aukey Ora iPhone Lens 

Just before vacation, my wife gave me a wide angle lens for my iPhone 7.  I had this on my wish list as something to enhance my travel photos.  I also bring my GoPro with me that takes things in wide angle but I have a lot less control over what and how it shoots.  It’s a pretty easy lens to use, all you have to do is clip it on, line it up to the camera lens, and start shooting.  

At first I really didn’t see any differences until I used a point of reference.  I used it this afternoon taking a picture of a mountain shot.  You can clearly see that the wide angle lens takes in more of the scenery than the regular iPhone camera lens.  You gotta struggle with it a bit to put it on and the iPhone has to be naked and not in a case.  I tried using it with a case on but the lens wouldn’t line up properly and the photos came up kind of crummy.  I’ll just have to be more careful with the lens and my iPhone when I use it since neither will have any protection if I drop it by accident.

There is also a macro lens included with the wide angle but I can’t see a reason why I would use it.  What would be useful later would be a telephoto lens so I can take zoomed in shots using optical rather than digital zoom.  I did test it out and the results were pretty good but I have to be really close to the subject to make use of it.

I am definitely liking this lens, it will be a new companion when I’m traveling for work and vacation.  Now to find places where I want to use it.

Aukey Ora Lens

Regular iPhone photo

Wide angle shot using the Aukey lens

Aukey macro lens shot

Shot on my iPhone 6

New photo added to "Camera Roll"

I’ve taken a lot of pictures on my iPhone since I got it two years ago but I’ve mainly been using it for family shots.  Every once in a while I get a shot thats pretty awesome but I rarely share it online except maybe on the occasional Tweet or maybe a Facebook post.  I did share a bunch of photos once but that was when I was in Washington DC and that was definitely many years ago.

This particular shot I took this morning when I went to some Secret Park in Broward County. I took this just using my regular iPhone camera app, I’ve tried a few apps here and there but I always revert back to the original camera app since it seems to be the fastest option when my phone is locked and I want to take a quick snap shot.

New photo added to "Camera Roll"

This was another shot that I took using my iPhone 6 using the panoramic feature.  I was up on the 70th floor of the Westin overlooking Centennial Park in Atlanta.  I’ve taken a few pictures with my iPhone 6s that I use for work but I limit the pictures I take with that because I don’t know if work monitors what photos I take with it or not and I prefer to keep work and personal life as separate as possible.

What I was trying to look for was a way to submit some of my more awesome photos on that “Shot on iPhone” campaign that Apple was doing but I wasn’t able to find a way to do it.  I did see that Apple probably just trolls the public feed of places like Flickr so I changed the photos that I have on this blog post to public, maybe one of them will make it to the website or a billboard.  I’m off on another trip next week but its only to Atlanta which I’ve been to a few times already so there isn’t much to take pictures of unless its of a sporting event or something.  However Beyonce is supposed to be there next week, maybe I’ll be able to catch a snap shot of her leaving her concert or something.

Finally used the Camera App on my Apple Watch

6a00e55225079e88340133ed129c9a970b-piIMG_9310-0This past New Years Eve I finally  found a use case for using the camera app on my Apple Watch.  We wanted to take a group photo and silly me I forgot my selfie stick!  Bad Asian!!  Anyway, I remembered that my Apple Watch is hooked up via Bluetooth to my iPhone 6 and that there is a remote camera app so that I can take photos.  I had to position the camera on a table and stand it up but what was cool is that I could use my Watch to  see what my iPhone was going to shoot.

I was going to use the 3 second timer but at midnight with a few 4 year olds, even 3 seconds was too long.  I was able to shoot the picture just fine but what I didn’t know is that it shoots in burst mode to ensure that I get an awesome picture!  I’m going to have to start using this app more and more when I want to take photos of things.  I just need a mount of my iPhone so I can take awesome stills from hard to reach places and when i can’t see my iPhone screen.

I need the Apple Watch to be more useful, and downloading more apps is helping but I think the real usefulness would come with syncing it with my work phone but I’m not ready to take that step.  I’ll keep it synced to my personal phone for now, besides I don’t want to see work emails on the weekends on my wrist anyway 😉

Cameras cameras everywhere

I will admit that I have a lot of cameras. This was totally by accident though since I never really intended to have so many cameras in my household. I guess we’ll start with the point and shoots. I still have an old 3 megapixel Sony camera that I bought almost 9 years ago that I don’t use anymore but I still think it works. I would just have to charge it up. I used to use it extensively on vacation because back then I didn’t have a camera on my cell phone. The next camera is my wife’s camera which is a Canon Powershot which I think is a 5 megapixel. I currently can’t find this camera nor can I find the charger but this camera served us pretty well over the years and was our primary camera until I bought my Olympus. Well my wife bought me the Olympus. This camera was awesome since it was water proof so I could take pictures while swimming in the ocean and stuff. Recently this camera has been having some problems which necessitated an upgrade which is my current travel camera.

I’m currently traveling around with my Panasonic point and shoot that is like my Olympus which means its indestructible kinda sorta. My friend recommended this camera to me because it had a Leica lens to get some awesome pictures. I’ve used this camera for the past year but I’ve found that while it’s great for travel because I take pics of stationary things like touristy crap or scenes, it’s not that great for taking pics of the baby since she wiggles around too much.

Since I now have a little daughter that enjoys wiggling around a lot and not sitting still for pics, I decided to get my wife a nice DSLR camera. I have to admit that this is the first DSLR I’ve ever owned and so far it’s been great. My wife had a regular SLR I’m college so she knows how to shoot a camera really well. I thought that since I won’t be home a lot of the time to help take pics with the point and shoot that is a bit slow, the DSLR was just the ticket to take pics of the baby for stuff like our recent Christmas cards. The speed on the DSLR is impressive to say the least. The only down side is the bulk but I will be taking this up north with me to take pics during the holidays. I don’t know if I’m going to take it with me for all my vacations but there is a good chance that I will, especially if I go on tour groups and stuff like that. I’ll totally look like a tourist but that’s ok, as long as I don’t get mugged or something I will be fine.

Thats a whole lot of cameras by my count and that doesn’t include the cameras on my iPhone 4S. By far that is the camera that my wife and I use the most because it’s just there in our pockets and now that it’s eight megapixels the pictures are better than ever. I just need to find a way to automatically sync both iPhone photo libraries with the MacBook and all will be right in the world.

I’m hoping that the DSLR will be my last camera purchase for a while. I mean true camera purchase which does not include cell phone cameras. I think that I can just upgrade the DSLR with some better lenses since I’m fine with its speed and it’s overall quality. My friend recently gave me a book on how to take some really great pics and now I know what new equipment I have to get (tripod, shutter remote, lenses, flash). Maybe those will make some good gift ideas over the next few years.