Ozark Trail Double Walled Water Bottle is Awesome

Living in the land of citrus year round means you need cold water. I’ve had water bottles of all types while living down here, most of them free from my employer or something that I got from a give away. They all held water fine, the issue was keeping it cold throughout the day. I’ve avoided buying water bottles because people just give these things away as freebies.

On a recent trip to Walmart with the family I saw that the Ozark Trail double walled water bottles were on sale. I figured, sure why not and picked up 2 of them, one for me and one for the Mrs. I’ve been using it for the last few months at home throughout the winter, spring, and most of summer and its held up really well. I normally don’t like to drink water but I think thats because in the past its never been quite cold enough but these water bottles keep my water cold for most of the day. If I fill it with 3/4 of ice, the ice normally lasts the entire day even with all the refills I do while working from home.

The downer of this water bottle is that it needs to be hand washed. I’m not a fan of hand wash only stuff but for this one I’ll make an exception. Being a blank slate, my wife used her Cricut to create a cool logo to put on my water bottle to make it unique. Since my last name begins with W and I was born in the north east, I figured the best logo to use would be the W from Wu Tang Clan. When I do travel for work, I have taken this with me on my travels but the water fountains don’t have particularly cold water and I have to sneak getting some ice from a fountain drink machine.

If I ever break this thing, I might spring the extra money for a Hydro Flask. My wife recently got one and I like how it looks and it comes in some pretty awesome colors too.

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