Bringing Instant Photos Back with the Fuji Instax

I remember a long time ago living at my parents place before the time of digital, we used a lot of different cameras from your regular 35mm to weird Kodak canister film.  One of the cameras we did own was the trusty Polaroid that provided instant pictures after you took them.  Back then the technology was awesome, you shot the photo and it came out of the camera so you could instantly see the picture that you just took (since there were no screens to preview the shot).  The colors and what not weren’t up to the quality of professional film and print development from your local photolab but it provided instant gratification of having a photo in your hand.

Fast forward a few decades (man that makes me sound super old) and now we live in a more digital age where we have camera’s on our phones and we can preview every picture before its ever sent to a printer.  Or if you’re like me, you don’t reall print you just keep your phone on you all the time and look at pictures whenever you feel like it.  However my wife found the Fuji Instax online which is a printer that uses the old Polaroid type cartriges for flim to print from our phones into an actual print.  There are other photo printers out there that produce 4×6 prints like they came out of the photo lab but this one producs prints that look like Polaroids.  Even the way the picture comes out is pretty much the same as a Polaroid since you wait and watch the picture to come out on the picture.  There’s also a space on the bottom of the picture to write something about the picture.  The prints aren’t as big as a regular Polaroid used to be but thats ok.

The Instax connects to our phones wirelessly usging Wifi and you have to use an app in order to select, crop, and print the picture.  I didn’t get a chace to use the printer a whole lot but my wife did during our daughters birthday to print out pictures for all the kids when we took their pictures in front of the Minions poster we had setup for my daughter birthday party.  The instructions are pretty straightforward on how to use it and it prints pretty fast. The film itself is sort of expensive but I like how it looks just like a Polaroid.  Before we decided on the printer only we conidered getting a camera that did the same thing but that was too unwieidly and why pay more money for a camera when I just need the printer?

One of the limitations is that you have to shoot your pictures in portait mode.  You can shoot in land scape but you’d have to still crop the picture into portait since thats the only way the pictures come out or elese it looks a little funny having the wording on the side of the photo instead of the bottom.  I’d say the last annoyance is that the printer uses some weird batteries so I can’t just go get double or triple A batteries for it.  I have to go to Walgreens or order them on Amazon.  The batteries should last quite a while regardless but still it is a slight annoyance.  Oh and it came with a port to plug it in so it might have a rechargable battery or its so we can use it only when plugged in to an outlet but the pritner doesn’t comes with the A/C adapter for it, we would have to buy that separately.  So far the printer has been working very well, and besides those two limitations I can’t say I regret the purchase.  Can’t wait to try and take this on my next vacation.

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