Mouse Support in iPad OS is so freaking cool!

I broke down and installed iPad OS…. on my daughters iPad Pro to try out the public beta. I use my iPad Pro heavily and my daughter barely uses hers so I figured why not, let me install this thing and see what’s new. I didn’t play with it that much. The only thing I was really interested in was assistive touch for the mouse and the widget screens on the home screen. The widget thing is cool but the weather isn’t working, not a big deal.

The mouse I used for additive touch was my old work mouse which is a Logitech Thin Mouse. It doesn’t have any physical buttons on it but it recognizes left and right clicks. It took some getting used to when I started using it for work but it’s the only Bluetooth mouse that I own. Getting to assistive touch was a little cumbersome since it’s buried in the settings but once enabled it was pretty sweet to use. I Lil that the cursor is big and doesn’t look like a mouse cursor. The cursor is really responsive when I move it around and when I use the left click it opens the apps just as if I was using my finger.

The right click action and the assistive menu is excellent. There are menus for doing custom actions, going to the home screen and adjusting settings like volume up and down. I thought it would be weird but after about 10 minutes it’s pretty natural to use. I was having trouble with getting the app doc to come up with the mouse, I still had to use my finger to get it to work but that might be a bug. I’m hoping it’s not a 2018 iPad Pro feature since I have the 2017 model. I still can’t justify spending another grand for another iPad since I just got this one only a year ago.

I almost want to install the beta on my iPad just to have mouse support. I’ll wait though for the GM for my personal iPad. I also need to start trying out the Files app. Personally the files app for me is fine as it is. I don’t use it much anyway, all of my files are on Box, Google Drive, or my NAS and even then I don’t access them too often. I’m still waiting for profiles. If I could have a segmented work profile that would be so awesome. This way I could keep work separate from personal and if they blew away my work profile through MDM my personal stuff wouldn’t be affected.

If I have time tonight I’m going to play around with the mouse and iPad Pro some more. I’m surprised at how useful it is and changes how I interact with my iPad when I have the keyboard on it.

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