Worst work travel day EVER!

I’ve been doing this consulting thing for quite a while and yesterday was hands down the worst travel day. I currently go to Michigan for work. That alone is a pain in the ass but the way home is worse.

My travel home is supposed to be:

  • Drive 2 hours from client site to airport
  • Take flight from Detroit to Charlotte
  • Wait in Charlotte for an hour to catch connecting flight
  • Drive 30 minutes home

This week was a little different:

  • Drove 2 hours from client site to airport
  • Flight delayed 30 minutes, ate dinner at airport (a personal travel sin, I try not to eat before I fly)
  • Get upgrade on flight to Charlotte (it’s a CRJ 900 so the plane is tiny)
  • Start flying to Charlotte as usual, but on approach to land we encountered a rain storm
  • Plane has wheels down and is on final approach (I swear we are under 500 feet), suddenly plane starts to ascend again and head north (wtf moment)
  • Captain says there is a ground stop in Charlotte and we need to pick up fuel in Wilmington DE (shit that sucks)
  • Refuel twice because the tower tells the captain we have to approach Charlotte from the west which delays us about an hour
  • Check the connecting flight and it’s delayed half an hour but will leave without me
  • Call American and ask for rebooking but I’m told I have to do it at the airport (another wtf moment)
  • Finally make it to Charlotte but my Miami flight is gone, rebooked myself on a Fort Lauderdale flight (I didn’t want to fly home at 2PM)
  • Call some hotels but everything is booked so for the first time in my life I’m sleeping in an airport terminal (I didn’t really sleep, more like cat naps over a 5 hour period)
  • Fly to FLL (2 hours) and Uber it to my appointment that I couldn’t miss (30 minutes)
  • Take a second Uber all the way to Miami to get my car (30 minutes)
  • Drive all the way home while listening to a conference call (30 minutes)

And that’s how my Thursday and Friday has gone so far. I’m kind of a zombie but I can function to a certain degree. I’ll definitely go to bed early to catch up. I’ll be trying the Chicago route next week, let’s see if that’s better than flying to Charlotte. What I really need is for them to bring back the direct flight on Thursday evenings. I refuse to stay an extra night and fly home Friday morning.


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