New Bicycle: Fuji 1.9T Cross Over

As part of my company health benefit, I’m allowed to buy a bike once every 5 years. As it so happens, my current bike had a flat tire in the back and the bike itself is about 5 or 6 years old. I wanted to get a new bike for a while but just didn’t have the justification to do so. However with the health benefit I didn’t have to pay the full amount for the bike. I decided to go to Durango Bicycles that’s a local shop in my town They happen to be a Fuji bike reseller and they introduced me to the 1.9T cross over. One of my requirements was to lose the brakes that are on the tires directly and get one with disc brakes that’s similar to my motorcycle. It has the usual Shimano gear shifters but it has some pretty big tires which means that its really more meant for the road than it is for the trails. It can do some trails but since I live in South Florida, there really isn’t much of an opportunity to go on trails.

I’ve had the bike for about a week and I’m pretty pleased with it, well the only short coming is the seat which is really hard and kinda hurts. I am going to look for a more comfortable seat but right now its not a priority. The wheels on this thing are awesome mainly because they get the bike up to a decent speed pretty quickly and can sustain it easily on level ground. This is of course in contrast to the mountain bikes I’ve owned before which had smaller tires and were really meant for light trails that I never rode. My switch to the cross over bike was a great choice and I’m liking this bike more than any other I’ve had. I have to get it serviced in the next month to tighten the cables in it but that’s just routine stuff.

I decided to look up the Fuji company on Wikipedia and its history is pretty cool in that they have been making bikes for well over 100 years. The company has changed hands a few times now but they make one awesome bike. They make a whole line of competition bikes and the sales guy at Durango tried to sell me on getting a Fuji bike for my daughter. I think she’ll be getting a Walmart bike though, she’s growing too fast and she’ll outgrow the next bike I get her pretty quickly. Maybe for her adult bike I’ll invest in a Fuji for her. Something that she can take to college (hopefully they won’t steal or strip it down like I’ve seen at my school many years ago). The next piece of equipment to get is probably a bike rack for the van or my car so that the entire family can go bike riding at CB Smith or one of the other parks in the area. Can’t wait to get back on my bike just to ride around town a bit, if only it wasn’t the summer time and so hot out.


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