I have too much GoPro Footage

GoPro Hero Session

I got this little guy about 3 years ago to try and take some action cam footage while I was away on vacation.  I received it as part of a package deal in which at 32GB card was included.  I upgraded that to a pair of 2 64GB cards and I think thats half of the problem I’m now encountering.  Due to the pair of fairly large micro SD cards that I have I take a lot of footage and most of it is crappy.  I’m too lazy to go through all of it so I end up transferring it to one of my external drives for later review which is something that I don’t really do.

I’ve filled up close to have a terrabyte of storage already with pictures and videos and its gotten to a point that some of this stuff just has to go.  I’ve even considered getting new NAS drives which would run me about $500, while that would help me in other areas this really wouldn’t help me unless I start doing reviews of my footage.  I’ll admit I’m a digital pack rat, I’ll save footage because some day I might want to view it.  I’m also a bit lazy in constructing my videos into smaller videos with just highlights from multiple sources.  While its really easy to do using iMovie, getting the video to my iPhone to do the edit (I’m not on my MacBook a lot during the week due to work).

The camera itself is pretty good, I wish it had image stabilization on it and the voice activation part as well so I don’t have to actually hit the button on top of the unit.  Thats just small inconveniences, it doesn’t warrant me going out and getting an entirely new GoPro.  Although I will admit that having those two features would be pretty bad ass.  Maybe I’ll save my pennies for a GoPro Hero 6.  I could use it for a few of my upcoming trips thats for sure.  One thing I am sure of, I might take my MacBook on my next vacation and a hard drive or two to store all the footage so I can start making some movies.  I mean technically I can keep it directly on my MacBook Pro, it has 1TB of storage and I’ve barely scratched the surface but I also don’t want to do it to keep my footage off a computer.

I’ll have to start going through the footage again soon, right now GoPro’s app Quik is downloading 64GB of junk that I’ve shot in the last year or so to one of my external drives.  I need to see what space I can free up, I think some of the oldest footage is of stuff like my daughters soccer practice and she’s not really going to watch that stuff (although maybe I should make it into a small video and email it to my daughter).  OK rant over, time to get some shut eye so I can do the rest of the laundry tomorrow and pack up for another thrilling week in NJ.  I’d bring my GoPro but there isn’t anything interesting in NJ worth shooting any footage and taking up previous hard drive space.


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