Spring Break in Breckinridge

Once again the family decided to go on a ski trip to Colorado. To change things up we decided to go skiing at Breckinridge instead of Keystone. Both ski resorts are really close to each other and they use the same Epic passes that we purchased last year so we could use the Epic App to track our progress on how many times we went up the mountain.

Similar to our last trip to Colorado, we came in late at night and stayed close to the airport for the night. We ended up going to Keystone anyway first because we wanted to go tubing and to see the snow fort. With the Epic passes we were allowed to do that. I took some good GoPro video of the family tubing. What was kind of scary wasn’t the tubing or anything like that, it was getting to Keystone through Loveland Pass. This pass goes up and down a mountain and is supposedly the fastest way to Keystone from I-70. I don’t recommend it if you have a fear of falling off a mountain in your car. There aren’t any guard rails at all and the mountain is also a ski resort. While at Keystone we had to take in a meal at the top of the mountain because thats the only way to eat.

I will say that for food, Breckinridge wins when compared to Keystone and Snowbird. The town is excellent and has a lot of places to eat. We tried some diversified cuisine such as Thai, Cajun, Pizza, and Italian. There was plenty to eat so this trip was definitely the most expensive in the food department. The mountain itself was pretty impressive, I stuck to Peak 9 and did more intermediates this year than I did last year. My daughter had fun in snowboard school where they had some trails that were set up in the woods on the beginner slopes with some fun obstacles and props. There was also a really cool roller coaster that was built in the woods, I took a GoPro video of that too. https://youtu.be/fL6_IsrEBco

I think the hardest part about Breckinridge was the hotel. It was laid out pretty weird since it was built into the mountain. I had to take 2 different elevators just to get to my hotel room and when you’re wearing ski boots thats pretty tough. An additional elevator was required to get my ski’s from the locker and then a short walk to the slopes. Ideally it would have been better if we were in a ski in ski out sort of hotel. Another thing that annoyed me was the $35 a day I had to pay for valet parking for my car that never left the garage. I think thats kind of a rip off but since Breckinridge is a tourist town everything has a fee attached to it. I don’t know if I would go back to Breckinridge, I’m more partial to Keystone. I enjoyed their trails more and my daughter liked her snowboard instructor there too.

My wife did make a really awesome suggestion for the flight home, since we were traveling at midnight, we decided to stay at a hotel right at the airport. The good thing was that the hotel was a Westin so I could use some hotel points instead of having to pay for the 5 hours we would be using it. It’s not the most economical way to use my points but its definitely the most comfortable. I might as well add some nice scenery pictures to the post, I do like Colorado, maybe I should retire there and be a seasonal ski instructor in my old age.


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