Robots are invading my home!!!


I was cruising a few days ago and I saw a great deal on robot vacuums on  I went over to Amazon and decided to read up on the reviews and the one that was on sale had some pretty decent ones.  For about $140 bucks, these things were downright cheap since most vacuums are over $200.  This isn’t my first foray with a robot vacuum, I had one very very briefly over the holidays by EcoVacs.  The difference between the EcoVacs and the iLife is that the other one had a mop and could be controlled by an iPhone.  The iLife can only be controlled by the included remote control and I can’t use my Echo Dot to control it either but to me thats ok.  I’m not very trustful of the internet of things just yet and I don’t want the vacuum trying to attack my puppy while I’m away from home.

I haven’t set the vacuums up (yep I got one for upstairs and one for downstairs) but they’ll probably run on two different schedules.  Upstairs will likely be running during the day and the one downstairs will be running at night.  The hope is that the majority of the dust in the house will be cleaned up by the robot vacuums leaving us not so much to clean afterwards.  I’ll have to try these out for a few days or weeks but if they are anything like the EcoVac, these things should be up to the task of at least getting the daily dust off the floor and into the trash.

The reason for 2 vacuums was mainly because they need to clean upstairs and downstairs and bringing the one vacuum up and down the stairs is a pain in the butt. I had already done this with the previous vacuum and it didn’t really work out so well. The price of two of these vacuums essentially equaled a single robot vacuum of almost every other brand.  When I had the EcoVacs it picked up a ton of dirt when I just let it roam around.  It was fun to control with my iPhone and stuff but its not essential and the less things connected to my network the better, although having the garage door hooked up to my phone would be totally sweet.  The iLife can be programmed which is exactly what I need.  Just set it and forget it kind of vacuum.  I think I’ll see if I can make it only run during the week, the weekends are too unpredictable and besides, it will be nice to have the robots clean up after me during the week.

I’m curious to know how loud these things are, they can’t be much louder than the EcoVac I had.  That thing was really good at picking up dirt but it was a little bit on the loud side.  Thats why I think my schedule will work out well, when the vacuum runs, people won’t be in that area of the house so it shouldn’t bother us while it goes to work.  The fact that it will find its base on its own will be cool too so it can charge and go on its own.  The only problem I see is that it doesn’t have sensors to keep it away from certain areas.  I would have liked to keep it away from the downstairs carpet since the other vacuum got stuck on it or away from the wires that are upstairs but I can block that off.

The age of robots is upon us, let it do my bidding and clean my floors!


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