Heading back to Cali! Well for one week

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 8.57.40 AM

I’m done for now with New Jersey and heading back to Cali!  It seems that work always takes me out to the Bay Area when its for work.  There is never any work in San Diego or Los Angeles no matter what firm I join.  I am only going out for a week this time around so it won’t be one of those really long projects where I’m there for a few months on end and can make a killing on points and miles.  I like the Bay Area a lot, SFO always has nice rental cars and I’m hoping to score another Camero that I can speed around the area in.  Hotels are alright, they’re way too expensive but thats because there is a lack of rooms available and there are always tech conferences or consultants running around all the time.  Me included!

Best part about going to the Bay Area in Feb?  Its not as cold as New Jersey and there is no threat of snow, maybe a fire or a mud slide but no snow!  The snow might be on the route my plane takes to get home but thats something I can’t really gripe about, all that matters now is that I can leave the winter jacket behind in my closet until my ski trip in March.  The only issue with being in Mountain View is that there isn’t a lot that I want to see in the area in terms of sights.  And the sights that I would want to see are more parks than anything else and its heavily urbanized.  If the Bay Area has one thing that peeves me to the core its bad traffic and they have it in spades.  Although maybe I’ll have some time to visit some friends while I’m there.  Maybe I should charge up my bluetooth selfie stick for the trip?

I’m all packed up and ready to go, and one last perk….. I don’t have to wake up before the sun to catch my direct flight to Cali, we’ll just wake up together instead.



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