Last flight from Jersey?


I finished up at my New Jersey client today but the picture I took yesterday as I left Newark. I was potentially going to another New Jersey client but I got out of it somehow (for now) so I’m hoping that this will be the final shot of New Jersey for 2018 and that my firm will send me somewhere else for the rest of the year.  I try and get nice shots from the plane like this during sunset, which is normally when I travel.  I had some really great shots over the years that I’ve touched up a little bit here and there with Camera+.  This one happens to be untouched and straight from my iPhone 7.  I normally don’t sit behind the engines on the A321 but for my last flight I was unable to get score a main cabin extra seat.

The iPhone 7 camera really is pretty awesome with its image stabilization and overall great quality.  I still haven’t figured out how to take really good night shots of the moon or anything like that but its only a matter of time.  My wife recently got an Aukey zoom lens for the iPhone 7/8 and it works quite well.  If I could take it with me I would but I already keep too many things in my work bag.

I’m hoping that the next trip (I already know that I’m going to California at least for next week) takes me to a different city that I haven’t been to.  I’m always going to the NYC area, somewhere in Cali, Chicago, or Atlanta.  I need to see some place new so that I can take some new pictures with my phone,  Well technically I did go to Kansas City but I forgot to take any pictures there and it was after sunset when I used to take off so I couldn’t take anything decent.  LA or San Diego would be cool or maybe some other place in the mid west just to shake things up.

Tomorrow is soccer championship day, I’m going to take some pictures and hopefully my daughter’s team will win it all.  I have plenty of storage space left on my phone so maybe I can take some 4K video (well at least 1080P).  The only weak part of this setup will be the battery of my iPhone 7 which drains a lot when taking tons of pictures or video.  If next year’s iPhone has a ridiculous camera I just might upgrade from the iPhone 7 but if not I’ll try and wait another year since I can only spend $1000 every few years for a phone.


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