2018 Travel is not starting out well

Well 2018 travel is so far a bust. I thought this year would be good since I have status and stuff but turns out that isn’t the case at all. I’m trapped here in NJ until Saturday essentially because of a huge ass snow storm that came out of nowhere essentially. There isn’t really that much snow on the ground so its not like there’s over a foot of snow that needs digging. There weren’t any flights leaving Newark so I’m going to have to drive all the way down to Philadelphia tomorrow evening so I can catch a Saturday morning flight. What weakness!!!

Now I’m here back in the Embassy Suites in NJ eating Wendy’s (because Jersey has terrible eating options and I’m not in the mood to drive far for better food) typing up this blog post since I don’t have a lot of other things to do other than watching YouTube or surfing the internet. I’m not looking forward to the drive tomorrow after work and even less of staying near the airport which is so close but my flight is so far away in terms of time. If my luck holds I might not be coming to Jersey for much longer and instead will be going to California again which I don’t mind. At least its not nearly as cold and I will rake in the miles since I’m American Airlines platinum pro. I’m not going to get free upgrades but getting 80% bonus miles is definitely a huge plus.

I’m hoping the drive tomorrow is uneventful. At least my rental car has CarPlay and a nice powerful engine to speed down I-95. Here’s hoping my flight on Saturday isn’t all messed up.


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