First blog post of 2018!

Just to make sure that I don’t miss the month of January for my blog, I’m writing this now on the very first day of the new year. Last year I unwittingly missed an entire month of not writing anything which was unusual for me. I at least write ONE thing a month and its far from my goal of 100 posts a year but there has not been anything interesting to write about lately.

Let see, there will be no New Years resolutions again this time around, why make promises to myself that I have no intention of keeping? It makes life less stressful that I’m not meeting some personal goal, if I feel strongly about something I’ll end up doing it eventually anyway. There are some good vacations that the family has already planned for 2018 so I have at least that to look forward to. It’s just counting the days between vacations that will be difficult since it will be filled with a pesky thing called work that I can’t wait to retire from. No matter how many blogs or articles I read that say “you should work in retirement because you’ll get bored” are full of bullshit because the article is obviously are written by people that are not retired. The only real reason to work in retirement would be for money and insurance. And even then, I’d try and find a way to avoid work at all costs, why do I want to work when I’m old?

Tomorrow starts another short week of work, the bag is packed, the flight and hotel are checked in, and I’m definitely not looking forward to going to New Jersey of all places on this planet. Anyway, thats enough ranting for the first of the year, time to enjoy the rest of the day with my family 🙂


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