First dog bath complete!

I should have taken a picture of Melody as we gave her a bath but today was the first time we ever gave her a bath since we got her back in late November.  The breeder and most websites say to bathe your pooch once a month and this is about the one month mark so she got a bath.  All the fluffiness was gone when we put water on her and we used some shampoo to get her clean but man she still smelled like wet dog after the whole ordeal was done.

After some drying and brushing, she’s just as fluffy and doesn’t smell like wet dog but the house did.  Some mopping was required but at least the dog is clean.  Next step is the hair cut for the eyes since it looks like its getting a bit long.  I’m going to let a professional groomer do that, I don’t want to be anywhere close to her eyes with something sharp, knowing me I’ll end up blinding my dog.


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