Echo Dot – Not too shabby

For Christmas, my sister in law got me an Amazon Echo Dot which is my first foray into the voice assistant world.  I decided to ask for the Echo Dot since it was tied to a lot of the services that I already use with Amazon (mainly Prime).  For the past few days I’ve been able to hook it up to Pandora but thats about it since I don’t use Spotify or iHeartRadio.  Using Prime Music has been pretty neat to.  I keep the speaker in the great room downstairs since I have to spend a lot of time down here with the dog and I sometimes let the Echo Dot play music while I’m away.

As a voice assistant its not bad, its almost the same thing as asking Siri for stuff but I don’t have to have my phone close by to activate it.  I’ve asked it stuff like the weather, stocks, and of course to play music.  Beyond that, I haven’t done much else with it.  I think I’m going to primarily use it for playing music in the living room.  My daughter already knows how to interact with the Echo Dot by driving us crazy by saying “Alexa, play frosty!” which then starts the Echo Dot playing Frosty the Snowman.  I don’t know how Alexa knows to play Frosty the Snowman by just hearing the word Frosty but it seems to like doing it.

I have yet to hook it up to my Bluetooth speaker thats sitting in my kitchen but I’m not sure that I’m going to do that.  I might keep that one just tied to my iPhone so that music can be playing in the great room and then separate music playing in the kitchen while I’m watching dishes. Not everyone appreciates my 90’s gangsta rap music or my Hawaiian radio channel.  Is this thing necessary or a life changer?  Of course not, its just another toy for me to play with until I get more home automation in, but thats not likely to occur any time soon.  As a voice assistant toy, its pretty fun to use.  If no one uses it down here, maybe I’ll let my daughter use it in her room so she can ask it random questions about the world like she does with Siri.  The difference being is there is no screen and she likes asking for pictures on the internet.


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