Twas the weekend before Christmas….

And all throughout my town, holy crap there were a lot of cars jamming up Pines Blvd with crazy last minute shoppers!  Yeah I’ll admit I’m no poet but there seemed to be an extra amount of people trolling the shopping malls and regular strip malls with people trying to get that last minute gift for their loved one before Monday.  I decided to brave the roads in my trusty minivan to run some errands (non-Christmas ones) to get food and get my dog checked out at the vet.

This was one of those rare times that Waze told me not to take the Main Street home and go around using a side street that has a lower speed limit.  Even though the posted speed limit is lower, that didn’t really slow me down but the lack of cars was definitely wonderful on my way home.  Less cars means less road rage and less morons that I have to deal with.  The Mrs. and I finished our Christmas shopping a while ago and most of it was done online anyway so for us it was like Christmas all the time with packages arriving at our door step.  The packages were gifts for others so we didn’t get to keep them.

I saw a crazy amount of people trying to get into Walmart, there must have been some awesome last minute deals there but I don’t want to wait in the checkout line at a Walmart if its busy, that would take up 30 minutes alone! The neighborhood is all lit up and all the parking spaces are taken (my car isn’t probably moving from its spot until January 5th).  I didn’t put up any outside lights, I was a little lazy this year and I didn’t have a desire to try and power wash the balcony either.  Its nice enough inside though, the tree is up, the stockings are hung, I just need a chimney for old St. Nick to come down and give me a winning lottery ticket or something so I can stop working.

I was thinking that maybe tomorrow it might be ok to go out on my motorcycle but since its a Sunday before Christmas the roads are going to be jam packed with nut jobs.  I can’t wait until self driving cars is a reality and most of my town uses them, maybe traffic will flow at around the speed limit, I’ve noticed that holiday shoppers are some of the SLOWEST drivers on the planet.  Although that begs the question, what do motorcycle riders like myself do in a world where everything else drives itself.  Having my motorcycle take me on its own from here to there by itself kind of takes the fun out of it.

I’m staying in as much as I can tonight and tomorrow, I want to be nice and calm during Christmas instead of filled with road rage 🙂


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