My motorcycle is an expensive traffic cone

The design of my townhouse community is unfortunately flawed by over crowding and a general lack of parking.  When the original builder, WestBrook Homes, designed the community, they assumed that there would only be 2 cars per townhouse and that those with garages would at least park 1 car in the garage.  Man how wrong they were.  It is a constant struggle to find parking on the street.  I personally have to park on the street because I already have a car in the garage and my motorcycle is parked in there too.  There is also the issue that I put in new shelving which would prevent me from parking my car in the garage now.  Truthfully its the van’s fault for being so damn wide.  Even with no shelving I still don’t think my car would be able to fit in the garage.  The crash of 2008 killed all the assumptions the original designers had.  Most of the townhouses have multiple generations in them and they bring with them more than 2 cars per townhouse which makes parking a real nightmare.  I think parking is one of the most contentious things in my community with people constantly trolling the streets looking for a place to park or not even going out so they don’t lose their parking space.  Kinda sad.

Anyway, on to this evening!  On weekends I normally leave my car where it is, left alone in its parking space so that I can see it from my home and also so its ready for me to use to get to the airport.  Tonight the wife and I had different events to go to, I had to get a new iPhone from Apple and she had to go to dinner with some friends of ours.  That meant that I had to use my own car and potentially lose my parking space!  However since it wasn’t raining tonight, the wife suggested that I move my motorcycle into my parking space.  I’ve done that before on occassion but I don’t like to do it, I have to drag the motorcycle out of the garage, then move my car, then the bike into the space and then do the reverse to get my space back for my car.

Using my motorcycle to save my parking space makes it a really expensive traffic cone.  I actually saw someone in my community use a traffic cone to save their parking spot.  I was really tempted to  just kick it away or something but who knows who has cameras up on their townhomes these days.  They might have spotted me doing it.  Either way, pretty smart but also a real dick move.  Technically when I did it, I had a legit vehicle in the space which was my motorcycle.  I’ve seen other people on my street with motorcycles do it so I didn’t really feel bad myself.  Doing it at night I think is fine, that way my bike seat won’t get so hot when I have to move it later.  That and I’m trying to preserve the paint color so it doesn’t fade in the sunlight.  I think thats part of the reason why so many people have white cars, not only does it not attract heat there isn’t any color to fade.

I think the holidays will see some craziness around parking.  That means my car isn’t moving or my motorcycle will once again become a traffic cone.  They might suspend the double parking rules or the ability to park on the street where the garage are but I doubt it.  I know the tow truck company will be happy.  The people in my community seem to enjoy calling it so they can see illegally parked cars towed away.


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