Can car dealers please pair the buyers phones with their car?

I don’t know what it is but it seems to me, at least down here in South Florida, that as soon as a person enters a car they think that is the best time to start making a phone call and chatting away.  Never mind that there are countless tales of distracted driving because of cell phone use while driving.  I’ll admit that I do it sometimes myself but in my case I always make sure I’m using my hands free bluetooth connection which both of my cars are equipped with.  I would say the majority of the people that I observe in my community still drive around with their phone pressed to their face as they try and navigate traffic, sometimes successfully and sometimes not, and what really kills me is that they are driving late model cars that are all equipped with hands free bluetooth.  I should know, I’ve rented most of the cars these people are driving during my travels and even the most basic model has bluetooth pairing.  How else am I supposed to be able to use my GPS and get tunes from my phone?

Most municipalities have already made it a law to not talk and drive but enforcement is lacking and mainly because its not worth it to pull over people for talking and driving.  Most of the time its an offence tacked onto another one like speeding, running a red light/stop sign, or crashing the car into something.  When I purchased my car, the one thing that I liked coming from the dealership was the offer to help pair my phone with my car.  Granted being the tech savvy guy that I am, I said no I’ll do it myself later.  However looking back at it, it should be one of the things that are required before you are even allowed to drive a car off a lot mainly due to safety for other drivers and probably should be included in the hand over checklist.  Pairing a phone literally takes less than five minutes and this should be something that should be insisted on at every purchase.  If the person doesn’t use it, thats really shame on them for not following the law but at least the dealerships can say they did what they could to help the buyer be informed about their car.

Maybe one of the reasons people skip that part is because buying a car takes at least 4 hours of sitting there at the dealership.  Really it shouldn’t take that long.  If the car needs extra prep time or crap like that, tell us as the customer “we need to do X” and have us come back later in the day or the next day and make sure the finance guy is ready to sign all the paper work.  Both of my cars took forever to buy mainly because I was waiting for the finance guy.  If thats the bottleneck, staff that area up and don’t skimp, make the process a revolving door, you get people in and you get them out fast with their new car.  If they spend less time mulling around the dealership (btw that doesn’t lead to people buying accessories or any other BS like that dealers) they might be inclined to take those extra 5 minutes to pair their phones and maybe learn a little something about how awesome the conveniences in their new car are.

OK rant over, at least for now.  I just have to be extra vigilant to avoid dim wits that don’t use hands free in their cars.


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