So I got a dog….

This past thanksgiving weekend the family and I drove up to the Tampa area to pick up our new puppy. She is a Coton de Tulear that was 8 weeks old and was tri colored although most of her fur will turn white as she grows older. The breed was very important to us because of allergies and the Coton is supposed to be hypoallergenic and so far so good. My daughter gave the puppy the name Melody, after Melody the Music Pet from Little Einsteins. She’s a very playful ball of fluff but gets tired easily. She did very well in her carrier on the drive back home from Tampa and also on her first visit to the vet the very next day. Like all puppies that leave their litters she cried the first night since she has never really been away from her litter or her mom and now she is with 3 humans and no other dogs to play with.

I give lots of props to my wife who has to spend most of the day with Melody. She is the primary care giver and playmate for my daughters puppy and she’s doing a great job of it. I’m glad that my daughter is happy with her puppy and is doing a good job trying to be responsible by coming with us to take her outside so Melody can go to the bathroom and a walk. As she gets older she’ll be able to take her out on her own and we might let Melody sleep in her room. Having Melody does change things a lot since now we can’t be out for 8 hours a day and we have to consider what to do with her if we go on a vacation that involves flying. I’ve even changed some of the hotels we stay at because they are pet friendly so we can bring Melody along.

Even though I’m more of a cat person, I like having Melody around (what little time I’ve spent with her), I’m not enjoying cleaning up pee on my floors but since she’s a puppy she gets a pass for a while. She’s a fast learner and with the dog training we have coming up, I’m hoping she will learn some tricks too.


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