Bought an iPhone 8 and Apple Watch Series 3 ….. but not for me…..

This past Friday I totally forgot that it was the day to pre-order the Apple iPhone 8 and the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE!  Normally I set my alarm to wake me up but I was distracted by the fact that I had no internet at my home and my cell signal was barely a single bar and I couldn’t surf the internet even if I wanted to.  I’m personally keeping my iPhone 7 and my original Apple Watch (its not a series 1 but an ORIGINAL) but my wife has been in dire need of some tech upgrades.  I’ve written how her iPhone 6 has been failing her recently due to the crappy battery issues (it barely lasts 4 hours on a single charge) and she’s been without a watch for a while since her FitBit stopped working (it doesn’t like water).

Apple came out with some decent upgrades so we decided to get her the Apple iPhone 8 with the 256GB of memory (for all the pictures that I demand from her while I’m away for work). The 10 isn’t bad but since she liked the idea of having Touch ID like on her current phone and because it was $200 less it did’t take much convincing to get her that one.  I attempted to pre-order the phone at around 10:30am EST (so late!) and I wasn’t able to get an unlocked version.  However, since I’m with T-Mobile they give you an unlocked version anyway except they stick a SIM card in it.  That seemed like a good win to me in my book since the black one was really hard to come by and thats what the Mrs. wanted.  The new Apple Watch Series 3 now has LTE which should be kinda useful.  It’s only another $10 a month with T-Mobile and since they’re now paying for my Netflix I can use that $10 for the Watch.  The picture in this post is the one she is getting and I think it looks really cool with the white, black, and red.  I was considering getting a newer watch but its $599 (I want the chrome face like my current one) but I can’t justify buying it for that much when my current watch works just fine still.

The phone comes this Friday but the watch we have to wait for until sometime in October.  Thats not too bad really and I have recent backups of everything too.  I think I’m going to try and hold out for the iPhone 11 or 12.  The iPhone 7 is plenty fast and the only thing that I can see failing is the battery just like my wife’s iPhone 6.  I’ve already sold her iPhone to Gazelle so I can offset some of the cost of the iPhone 8 and Apple Watch.  Its not a large amount of cash but anything helps.  Hell I even sold her old iPhone 4s and I’m getting money for that too!  Can’t wait till Friday to see the new iPhone!


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