MacBook Pro 2017 Keyboard is Awesome

I’ve had my MacBook Pro for a couple months now and I have to say the keyboard is pretty awesome.  I know the travel is really short and people have issues with the arrow keys but this keyboard lets me type really fast.  I have a Dell POS from work that I’ve used for maybe over a week and I’m ready to toss it into the ‘glades because the user experience is so poor.  The touch bar I haven’t used as much as I thought as I would but I still like using it to activate Siri, change browser tabs, and control the volume.

Just for the keyboard alone I would love to use this computer for work.  The touchpad might be a close second reason but definitely the keyboard would be a winner for me.  The lack of escape key (dedicated) hasn’t really bothered me that much.  I don’t use it often enough.  I can see the touchbar aspect becoming more valuable over time but it really is a gimic for now.

I wanted to write this post on my MacBook but WordPress is being difficult about loading photos from Google.  I’ve had to do this from my iPhone instead.  The previous 3 posts were done from the MacBooktgough. If I could bring it on the road with me I would but I already have too much tech gear in my bag. Maybe on the next vacation I’ll bring it to write some big posts while on vacation.


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