GoPro Hero Session – Using it in water

I’ve had my GoPro Hero Session 4 for a couple of years now and the main use for it was to use it while I’m doing activities like skiing, swimming, or anything else where I can’t really use my iPhone.  I recently had a family trip in Hawaii and I used it a lot there but I found out that a lot of the video that I had wasn’t all that good because of water spots on the lens.  It’s kind of annoying but you can see enough of the video that it comes out alright but before the vacation I didn’t research a way to get the water off.

I looked the other day on YouTube and someone recommended using RainX on the lens.  That in itself is freaking genius!  I use it all the time on my car and all the water just comes off my windshield as long as I’m going a certain speed or there is a decent amount of water.  There were times you could see me blowing at my GoPro so the video was a bit funny in that regard.  The pictures that did come out of the GoPro were really good and clear and the sound wasn’t bad too since I wasn’t that far away from the subject material.

Overall the GoPro is fine when it gets wet except when you come out of the water, there will be water streaks and drops everywhere unless you treat the lens with RainX or an equivalent.  Under water the pictures and video are pretty good, of course the sound is going to stink since it is under water but I was able to get some nice video of some turtles on the Big Island in the lagoon at the Hilton Waikoloa Village.  Here is an example from when I used the camera during my vacation.  Love the turtle, hate the water spot at the end when I bring the camera out of the water.



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