Windows 10 S: Another Windows Version???

I watched the replay of the Microsoft EDU event and along with everything else that was announced was another WIndows version.  Ever since Windows XP there have been tons of versions of Windows.  My desktop actually came with Windows XP Media Center edition, but I upgraded it to Windows XP Pro which was the business version of XP.  I then updated to Windows 7 Ultimate which gave me every option under the sun for Windows so that I could upgrade to WIndows 10 Pro for free.  There are a few differences between each of the Windows versions in terms of features.  I personally always try and get the Pro version since it gives the most options even though I doubt I’ll use them all.
The latest iteration of Windows is meant to compete with Chrome in that you can only install applications from the Windows Store.  If you want to install anything else, you’re going to have to upgrade to the Pro version of Windows.  It’s nice that the price to upgrade to Pro won’t be that expensive so very few people should mind.  Given that its geared towards the educator market, it makes sense to limit things to the Windows Store to reduce the number of malware and bad programs being installed that can be installed with current versions of Windows.  That doesn’t mean the the occasional virus won’t cause some mayhem but its a good start to keep kids safe at school and for those that don’t end to do crazy stuff like use iTunes.

While I like the idea of Windows 10 S, I’m going to stick to the Pro version of Windows.  I have a need to install outside software like iTunes, Qnap Finder Pro, and a few other choice tools and applications.  MS is solving the Office problem by offering Office in the Windows Store finally.  I’m still fine using GSuite since its free and my needs are also not very heavy.  Worse comes to worse, I can also use the office offering from Apple, the downside with them is again the amount of storage that you’re allowed.  I would like to install Windows 10 S on my daughters laptop but it only has 32GB and I do admin stuff on it too so I would probably still need to keep it at Windows Pro.

I suspect a lot of the new Surface machines will start getting Windows 10 S as the default OS installed from the factory.  I can see the average user just sticking with it although it begs the question, will iTunes be in the Windows Store?  No matter how much companies push the consumer to the cloud, there will be hold outs like me that just want to install software and backup and sync files locally.  The lack of iTunes might push people like me to either upgrade to Windows 10 Pro or stick with OSX.  I personally might stay with OSX since there are a lot of apps that I use on my Mac that don’ have a Windows equivalent. And I also need iTunes for all my devices and I don’t see that changing any time soon unless I somehow am convinced to switch the family to Android but I don’t see that happening either.  For me, no Windows 10 S will be in my future, Windows Pro or OSX (macOS) all the way!


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