My MacBook Pro Lives?

Last week my MacBook Pro was experiencing some issues booting up and I did everything that I could find on the web short of restoring the computer from a backup.  I even had two different conversations with Apple Support to see if they would repair it but since it’s vintage they don’t repair it or even make parts since it was manufactured in early 2011.  I was able to get some last minute backups of my MacBook just in cas I bought a replacement MacBook so I could restore my settings, programs, and some of my data. Just in case I also started moving data to my NAS so I’m the event of a total failure my data was safe.

I went away to Disney this weekend with the family to do some races and left my MacBook Pro here at home unplugged and powered off.  I fully expected it not to boot on Sunday but to my surprise it booted right up like normal.  I tested the functions just to be sure and did a quick reboot to see if it would crash.  To my surprise again the MacBook booted up just fine again.  I took the opportunity to see if I could do some more file clean up and data transfer to the NAS.

It’s now Monday and the MacBook Pro is still humming along just fine.  I’ve started to use it like I used to but I’m not adding data to it that I need to preserve.  The thing could just crash and I intend to be ready if it does.  I think I’ve decided on at replacement, I’m going back to Windows and potentially getting a surface pro but only if the computer is totally dead.  I can then try and use the MacBook Pro SSD I installed and stick it in my desktop.  That should give it a nice little speed boost.

Due to it’s now vintage status, I won’t be getting anymore OS updates (maybe critical fixes???) but it’s not like my MacBook could take advantage of cool things like the new night shift mode, air drop, or other things like that.  On to reviewing more stuff about Azure! So not exited…..


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