I hate it when I’m blocked using my VPN


Like many IT people, I use a VPN when I’m surfing the internet.  Granted I post a ton of shit on my blog, twitter, and Facebook but sometimes you just want to go about your business without people logging you right and left.  There are literally tons of articles out there saying that in order to stay secure, you need to use a VPN to protect yourself from hackers and other unsavory people.  Recently I’ve started to get blocked on websites that I use quite frequently because they want to know that I’m not a hacker since hackers use VPN.  Umm no shit hackers use VPN, they don’t want to be traced either but that doesn’t mean that everyone that uses VPN is a hacker.

There are tons of ways to ensure security, one of the best ways is through 2 factor authentication which is what Google or Facebook uses for their sites.  I can surf them all day long using my VPN without a problem but places like hotel sites and banks are becoming restrictive.  If I’m using public wifi (which is very possible since I stay in a lot of hotels), theres shit to get done but I don’t want anyone snooping so I use a VPN but those sites don’t let me use a VPN.  I mean come on thats pretty freaking stupid.  I want to be secure in the transactions I make while staying safe but the vendors I use won’t let me use VPN because they think I’m a hacker.  Thats a pretty poor security policy right there.

Even when I’m at home I’m using my VPN and I even secure my my router so its hard to get into but I’m paranoid like that and want the extra protection.  There’s no reason for anyone to know where I’m surfing or what I’m doing online since thats my business.  SSL and HTTPS might be secure but if someone is snooping on the open internet, your credentials will get get stolen somehow.  I would love to change vendors but thats just way too much hassle.  What I do find interesting is that if I use VPN on my iPhone and use the app for my vendors they’re fine with it.  Seriously I don’t get it but I’m going to happily use my VPN to stay safe and to keep the bad people away.


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