Is my desktop dying? I can’t tell anymore

A few weeks ago my desktop tipped over again and fell on its side when it was running and anyone who knows computers knows, spinning disk hard drives don’t take to sudden drops and shocks very well.  Normally there might be s clicking sound starting or lots of errors coming up upon boot but I’m not experiencing any of that.  I did hear at one time a really nasty screech from the computer when I woke it up from sleep but other than that I haven’t heard a peep that sounded unusual.

In the old days of Windows XP and before, there were easier ways for me to figure out like running chkdsk and things like that since it was easy to get to DOS but in Windows 10 it’s a little harder.  I was able to get to chkdsk using the command prompt and forcing a reboot of my computer but I missed out on the summary since it rebooted before I could see it.  I don’t know if there are bad sectors or not.  I did use the regular scan disk tools and it says all is well but I’m not buying it. I suspect there might be something wrong since it’s rejecting apps I want to install and apps like MS Publisher and Adobe Photoshop won’t work anymore.  While not really show stoppers it is what my wife uses that desktop for most of the time.

I wanted to install a Ubuntu VM last night on the desktop to see if it would load but I couldn’t even get VirtualBox to install which is the first thing that I need before installing VM OS.  I’ll have to continue to monitor the desktop but since it says nothing is wrong I don’t know what to fix but clearly something is wrong since I can’t do some of the tasks I used to be able to do.  I almost wouldn’t mind if the desktop died, I would have a nice excuse to get a new computer while also reconfiguring the office so we can make better use of the TV.  Most people would be concerned with the data on their computers but since all my data is on my NAS now I don’t care if it dies suddenly.  

I am curious how much longer it will take for the desktop to die, its lasted over nine years so far which is pretty good in computer terms.


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