Hello 2017…..

Father Time has advanced another year and I still intend to blog a little here and a little there (140 characters is too little sometimes).  I definitely didn’t reach my annual goal of 100 posts in 2016 but that number has been in decline for years now. I’m still going to re-affirm that I’m going to try and hit that mark but it probably won’t happen but I’m going to give it the old college try!

The trouble is finding content to write that I haven’t already written about already.  This blog already covers 11 years so there isn’t much left that I could write about so I’m starting to repeat things from years past.  There might be more pictures that I take from my phone that I’ll post here, I have done something similar in the past but the free account with WordPress doesn’t afford a lot of upload space for all my pictures.

Just to use some space on WordPress, these are some pics from 2016 from my photo stream on my iPhone that depicts some of the places I’ve been to, stuff I bought or received as gifts, or things I’ve done with work or my family.


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