Bose QC35’s

I bit the bullet and got myself the Bose QC35’s to go with my iPhone 7.  There are tons of reviews on YouTube and stuff that one can watch to get professional impressions and tech specs.  My blog post is just my experience with them.  I had to give up my Bose QC25’s and my Beats Studio Wireless headphones for these bad boys by selling them to Amazon and getting trade in credits.  I looked far and wide and the price was the same everywhere so the best place to get it was from Amazon.  Mainly because I have Prime and I got them in 2 days.

I got these headphones because I was very pleased with the Bose QC25’s but I didn’t want to deal with a dongle or a bluetooth adapter so that I could use my headphones with my iPhone 7.  I haven’t tested them in a plane yet, and I don’t know when that will change but I have tested them here at home and they work pretty well.  The look and feel are exactly the same as the QC25’s, the difference being is that the controls are all on the cups, you have to recharge it after 25 hours of use with a micro USB cable, and you can use the Bose app with it too.

The headphones are great for watching movies on my iPad while my family sleeps though.  I was able to watch some Netflix with the headphones on and I didn’t have to worry about getting all tangled up with the cord which was very nice.  I actually like the cup type headphones better than the in ear ones.  I have some MPOW Wolverines that I got from Amazon as well but they end up hurting the insides of my ears after a short time.  The Apple EarPods are actually the most comfortable in ear headphones that I own but they’re not wireless (yet).  I have to wait and see when the AirPods are out, maybe I’ll pick up a pair if the reviews are favorable so I can use them in places where its not appropriate to use the Bose.

December I should be able to give it a true test, I know of at least one flight that I have to take during that month.  I’m sure they will perform just fine but there’s nothing like a real world test to validate my faith.


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