I hate having a land line

I must be one of the last people in America that still sports a land line and I hate it.  Land lines used to be a necessity in the age before cell phones were prevalent and affordable.  These days its almost silly to have one but I still do because its necessary for some of the services that I use from my community.  In this crazy world, my community can’t afford to make a call to my cell phone for the gate guard to let people in and if I want to take advantage of the free alarm monitoring it requires a physical land line.  So if I don’t care about visitors or people breaking into my home, I have to keep the land line.

The biggest downside to having a land line is all the robo calling during election year, the calls from people asking me for money, and telemarketers trying to sell me shit.  I guess it doesn’t matter really that I’m on the “Do Not Call” list, they keep on calling anyway and its a little annoying.  I don’t even answer the phone 90% of the time unless I am expecting someone to come to the house and even then its timed so I have a general idea on when to answer the phone.

Right now my phone is ringing and I have no intention of answering it.  If its really that important, they can leave a message and I’ll call them back.  Oh, there goes the answering machine but no one is leaving a message!  I guess it really wasn’t all that important and they’ll just bother me again with another annoying call.  I crave the ability to get rid of my land line, but I have to wait a little longer until technology catches up with some of the services I consume.  Seriously, I even have a land line phone at work and I’m never at the office.  My company could probably save a ton of money giving up land lines and just switching everyone to cell phones.  There is also this weird thing called the Internet that allows voice calls over IP services like Skype and what not.  Plenty of my clients use them but also insist on providing a real phone number.  I mean come on, its time to move away from the silliness of old tech and embrace the new.

My cousin is a good example.  He uses a Google Voice number and just buys a data plan for his phone.  He uses nothing but VoIP for everything.  Sure its semi inconvenient when you’re in a place with shitty data service but most of the time you can piggy back on a corporate wifi network and be just fine.  I have decent internet here at home and I’m actually using T-Mobile over Wifi which makes the calls seem a bit better since T-Mobile is a bit spotty depending on where I’m sitting at the time.  I guess I’ll keep on suffering with my land line, I even hate paying for it because its so useless to me except for 2 important things that I refuse to pay extra money for since its already included in my HOA fee.


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