What computer to get?

Microsoft and Apple have completed their unveils of their new laptops and I am a little torn on what I would get if I needed a computer right now.  I don’t need a computer right now, I’m perfectly happy with my MacBook Pro ever since I put in the SSD but I’ve been considering what to get next in the event I need to replace one of my computers at home.  
I like the idea of the Surface Pro a lot since it has a pen (I want to start trying to write stuff again and the pen is pretty cool when you use it with OneNote), its portable, and it has some of the older ports that I need like USB.  The Microsoft stuff is very expensive though and it doesn’t come with the keyboard, you actually have to buy it as an accessory.  That just boosts the price of the device.  I’ve messed with it in the store a few times and I have to say that I like how it looks and feels and Windows 10 is definitely a great OS.  A problem I have noticed is that some of the apps that I use on my iPhone and iPad are not in the Microsoft Windows store (things like DayOne and Notability) which I use pretty frequently and its nice to be able to see the content I created in those apps on my MacBook when I get home.  The real gravitation for me though is the ability to touch the screen and use the pen.  I think I’ll see what Surface Pro 5 looks like and how that compares.  The downside is that it is Windows and I’m kind of sick of configuring stuff but Windows is headed in the right direction in just making it work.

On the other end of the spectrum is the new MacBook Pro’s that came out.  Nothing really revolutionary here, its a MacBook that’s just way faster than my current one but it uses USB-C (Tunderbolt 3) for everything so adapters will be needed everywhere for me to hook up my stuff.  I use a lot of USB devices like external drives and for syncing my ipads and iphones so having to carry an extra adapter around is kind of annoying (I know first world problems!).  I can see how Apple is trying to go all in with doing things in the cloud by reducing the amount and types of ports, promoting iCloud as something like DropBox or Google Drive, and making it really really thin.  I also kind of worry about upgradability and keeping the computer past the 5 year mark.  My MacBook Pro is already 5 years old and I’m expecting to not be able to get past MacOS Sierra as the OS.  My HP Desktop is 9 years old and its gone through Widows XP all the way through Windows 10 Anniversary edition and I can keep on going most likely until the hard drive dies or something.

This still doesn’t get me any closer to what I should get.  Although the use case that I am trying to solve is bringing the computer with me even on the road for work.  The job is starting to get more restrictive on what I can access when I’m off the clock (they’re starting to restrict cloud storage sites) and as the consumer market moves to online storage that’s going to be a problem for me since I do have a lot of things in the cloud right now to free up space at home or to be able to access it on the go without having to download it or keep multiple copies locally.  I could also just try and use my iPad for those use cases but sometimes its just better to use a computer for some of the tasks that I’m trying to accomplish.  There’s something to be said for multi tasking (iOS tries but I can’t really get into it like I can with a desktop OS) and I do switch widows a lot and do many things at once when I am on a desktop OS.  Like right now I’m writing up this blog post and its mainly the only thing I’m concentrating on, normally I’d have Netflix or something in the background or surfing some news site at the same time with the ability to see both at the same time.

I’m trying to do the split screen thing right now and it just doesn’t feel as natural as using a desktop OS which is why I don’t think I’ll be ditching the computer in the short term.  I do need something more portable and lighter.  I considered getting the MacBook but its less powerful than an iPad Pro, I mean come on why would I want to use that if an iPad can kick its ass?  I don’t have a lot of processing needs but when I do I want something faster than a tablet.

I think I’ll wait until one of my computers breaks, then I’ll consider what I should get.  In the mean time, I’ll just stare and drool at the new tech but save my dollars for something that I really want (not NEED but WANT).  


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