Messing with my GoPro

I’ve recently been testing my GoPro with my motorcycle with some mixed results here and there.  Today was my latest test using my chest harness and putting it on  Time Lapse.  I think I need to make some adjustments to the Time Lapse mode when I go on rides because what was a 1 hour ride goes by in just 15 seconds when I spliced it all together on and posted it on YouTube.  Thats the first video that you’ll see on this post.

The second post is a few weeks ago when I was testing the suction cup mount that I put on the side of my bike.  It wasn’t bad but I don’t think it will stand up to riding around on the highway.  I only rode around my community but I’m still fearful that the GoPro will fall off my bike.  I’ve been playing with the idea of putting a mount on my helmet, the only thing is, once its on my helmet its never coming off.  It’s a big step for me to do that and I don’t really go anywhere interesting on my motorcycle anyway.  I’m more interested in using the GoPro for our family trips.  It worked especially well when we went skiing/snowboarding.  I was able to put the chest mount on and film my family skiing/snowboarding.

I even tried using my GoPro at the water park.  It worked like a charm there, although I have to flip the videos since right now they’re upside down.  I don’t know why that is but its a really easy fix in my view.  The great thing about the Hero Session 4 is that its already waterproof to a certain extent so I don’t have to worry about breaking the thing.  It’s a great little camera, sometimes I wish it wasn’t always shooting in wide angle but thats a limitation that I can live with.  I can always just use my iPhone as well for that sort of thing if I don’t want to shoot in wide angle.

I’ll be doing some other testing with it later, especially around the settings of the time lapses.  I use it for my daughters kung fu classes and graduation ceremonies because I have a stand for it and it works great.  The GoPro was definitely one of my better purchases (although I used points for it which makes it all that sweeter).  I think I’ll do another test tomorrow or this coming week when I’m off to Atlanta.  I want to get more proficient with the GoPro so I can chronicle my family through the years, especially my daughter as she grows up.


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