2011 Jambox vs. 2016 UE Boom 2

It’s that time of year again, I celebrated getting one year older and with it came an awesome gift….. the UE Boom 2! This thing is totally awesome but it’s going to complement my current Jambox in the home.

Here are some distinct differences between the two obviously but both do the same basic function, they play music wirelessly from my stuff.  The main reason I asked for the UE Boom 2 was because the Jambox wasn’t loud enough.  I could crank it all the way and my iPhone would still be louder.  The sound was much improved but if it wasn’t loud it wasn’t all that useful except for being right next to me or fairly close.

The UE Boom 2 is insanely loud which makes it a better fit for what I want to use it for like taking it to the beach or using it for listening to music while I do chores or something.  I tried testing it at home and it was too loud so I immediately had to turn it down.  I like that it’s water resistant too so that will make it instantly more useful if we go to the pool or beach with it.

It also pairs a lot faster but there’s a 5 year gap between the devices and Bluetooth has advanced a lot since I originally bought the Jambox.  I still like using the Jambox when I was dishes, it’s better than listening to music just from my iPhone speaker.  Maybe thisncan come on the road with me although that just means more weight.  Time to enjoy some tunes with my new UE Boom 2!


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