HP Stream – Too little storage

I bought this little computer for my daughter so that she could watch some stuff online without killing her eyes trying to always watch on her iPhone (yeah my kid is using an old iPhone 4s, you wouldn’t believe how useful it is for streaming content in the minivan).  There is a new Windows 10 update that needs to be done on the computer, but the issue that I’m running into is that the HP Stream doesn’t have enough disk space to accommodate the update.  The update requires 20GB, the issue at hand is that that HP Stream only has 32GB onboard.  This presents quite the issue and even though I’ve tried doing it by adding a flash drive so that the computer has additional space, it still needs the 20GB on the hard drive.  Well thats a kick to the nuts right there, I want my daughter’s computer to have the latest security fixes and updates to keep her safe while she’s online.  Granted she doesn’t have any information to steal and I’ve locked down the computer in regards of what she’s allowed to do but I still think security updates are important.

There are also supposed to be some pretty neat features coming out for Windows 10 this summer and it would be great if her computer could get them.  According to the computer and Microsoft, the computer can run the updates, it just doesn’t have the room to actually do the installation.  The HP Stream is actually the youngest computer in the house at being barely only a year old, everything else is pushing past the 5 year mark.  I know what they said at the last Apple keynote, we’re all using really ancient computers but I don’t see a need to get a new computer if my current one is working quite well.  I need the next macOS to work on my old MacBook Pro, the tune up I gave it this past holiday season with an SSD and a new battery has definitely made the thing way better and it probably has a lot of miles left on it since I moved most of the data off of the computer itself and onto a NAS.  Now I’m contemplating putting in another SSD where the Super Drive is for even more storage!  I have to get that purchase approved though, who knows if that will happen.  But at least its still cheaper than getting a new laptop, I’ve been eyeing the new Surface Pro’s but I would want to get the Surface Pro 5 or something later when one of my computers finally kills itself or something.

In the mean time, I’ll see if anyone at Microsoft is responding to tweets to their account since I sent them a complaint and screen shot of my problem.  The computer should be fine for now but I want to put on that update!!!


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