Time to Ditch Evernote

I recently got an email from Evernote that they are going to be reducing the capabilities of the Basic account that I’ve been using for the past 5 years.  Normally I’m fine with that since I don’t use Evernote that much these days but the real sticking point was that they were reducing me to 2 devices only.  I have Evernote installed on 5 different devices and even though my usage has been reduced I find this very limiting.  I have it installed on 2 iPhones, 2 computers, and my iPad Air.  Depending on my day I use any one of these devices to start looking at things that I put into Evernote.

I’ve been using Evernote kind of like my own personal digital locker of sorts.  I just toss in stuff that I think might be important so that I can find it later on.  I have quite a few IFTTT recipes that use Evernote currently to put in important emails, pictures, and receipts for easy finding.  Granted I could probably just rely on searching Gmail for all this stuff but it was nice to have it in an app where a ton of other stuff was stored.  I also used to keep work notes in Evernote but I don’t do that anymore since my company went Google, now everything lives in the Cloud at work so the business need for Evernote has gone away.

The trick now is to find something that can take over for Evernote as I move away from the platform.  There are a couple of options out there but I need it to be platform independent.  One stand out right now is OneNote by Microsoft.  I used to use this app back in my Accenture days for taking notes and it was really handy too.  What I need to do is go on a purge of some sort and remove notes that don’t have any meaning anymore.  I’m sure there are tons of work notes that won’t be relevant and I’m using it as a way to back up my photos too but I have Google Photos for that as well as Flickr.  There are tons of ways that I can get away from Evernote but I will still miss the convenience of just looking at one app.  Not a big deal though, I still remain rooted in not paying for cloud storage and services if possible unless there really is a dying need for it.  Hence my purchase of a NAS a few months ago, it stores everything I need and it’s MINE.

I might take some time this weekend to further research options of where to move my note taking, the one new requirement of course is that I can draw in the new app so I don’t have to type everything out.  Although I will say I’m quite the fast typist.  But every now and then, a little scribbling is good enough.  Bye bye Evernote!  You will be replaced in the next 30 days!


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