Deadpool is AWESOME, I want to see it again!


I went out last night to see the movie Deadpool with a bunch of friends from home.  I happen to be working from home right now and it seemed like a good night to go out.  After putting the kids to bed, me and the other fathers headed to the movie theater to watch the movie.  This is the first rated R movie for Marvel and it was totally bad ass.  Most of the humor definitely wouldn’t pass muster and it’s not a movie to take the kids to either.  I think the role were cast really well and I’ll probably be picking this up on BluRay because it was just that good of a movie.  I think the last few movies I’ve bought for the home have been Disney flicks so this will be a nice addition.  Since I normally get the 3 packs, Deadpool will be part of my video collection that travels with me on the plane.

I hope they make a Deadpool 2 in the next year or so, this movie deserves a sequel or at least have the character join the greater Marvel universe of characters although that might make some of the newer movies rated R.  Granted that would’t be a bad thing for us older folks but it would bar the movies from the younger generation, at least for a little while.

The next two movies on the docket are Captain America Civil War and Suicide Squad.  If I can swing it, I’m going to watch them at my local movie theater during the week.  The cost savings on the tickets alone were pretty good.  Normally I think the tickets on the weekend are around $10 and that’s before the service charge, during a Tuesday night it’s only $6.  Talk about a bargain!


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