No snow for me!

This weekend the NY Metro region and basically the entire north east is getting its ass kicked by a blizzard.  There are tons of news reports about how much snow is going to fall and blah blah blah (because there’s nothing more important happening in the world other than this epic snow storm).  When I used to live in CT, yeah the amount of snow was a concern but it was also a joyous occasion because there was the possibility that I wouldn’t have to go to work on Monday.  It was even better when I was in school, snow days were always highly anticipated but back then you had to listen to the radio to see if your school was closed.  I would have killed to have a text message come through telling me to stay home instead of getting ready and then anticipating the school being closed by listening to the radio.

One of the side benefits of living in FL is that there really isn’t a winter.  Going down to 60 degrees doesn’t count on any measuring stick as “winter”, at best it’s spring weather but there also isn’t a lot of the white stuff coming from the sky.  While I might miss seeing it from time to time, I do not miss all the back breaking work of shoveling away all the snow.  The first snow fall is always the prettiest but anything after the first day is just misery that I’m glad I can do without here in the sunshine state.


Winter in NYC


Winter in Miami Beach


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