All done working in Canada!


I’m finally all done traveling to Canada (aka Canadia or Canuckistan depending on your point of view)!  That means I can finally put away my passport and global entry card and just run around with my drivers license again to get through security.  Despite the bitter coldness, there were a few things that stand out that made my time in Canada pretty cool.

  1. I saw Toronto from the top of the CN Tower
  2. I discovered 2 awesome thai restaurants that received a disproportionate amount of my money during my 13 weeks
  3. I saw my cousin almost weekly after not seeing him for about 13-14 years since my last trip to Canada with my father
  4. Saw my aunt and uncle as well so as much as it was a work trip most of the time I did my best to also include family time (mostly on Wednesday evenings)

I’m ready to do another US project though, there is some satisfaction that at least here I can run through security really fast using TSA PreCheck, I have status on my airline of preference which means no more boarding in Zone 5 and not having to fly Air Canada (my most hated airline at the present moment), and I don’t have to worry about foreign transaction fees on my credit card.

I have a good indication that I’ll be heading to Boston for my next project, that should be interesting since I haven’t had a project up there yet.  I try and get a souvenir like a hat or something from places I visit for work but I think with Boston I’ll pass, although I’ll be very tempted to bring my NY Yankee jersey with me once baseball season starts, just to stir the pot a little in good ole bean town.  Until that assignment starts, I’ll be here in South Florida trying to thaw out from the deep freeze of Canada.


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