Duet Display has given me back my second screen


This past week I decided to plunk down $10 for Duet Display which made my new iPad Air 2 into a second screen for my work laptop.  I can use it for my MacBook Pro too but I suspect I’ll be using this for work more often.

A long time ago in an office cubicle far far away, I had an external display to help me do my job when I was in IT since it involved doing work orders and shuffling around IT assets in a database to keep track of everything.  Since I became a consultant, I’ve suffered through using a single screen for the past 8 years.  Granted I was able to get my work done just fine but I always felt something was missing since I didn’t have the ability to utilize a second screen to do something simple like moving my email program to the other screen so I can just glance at it every once in a while to see who dared to interrupt my thought process.

I tried Duet Display last week and it worked like a charm!  It connects via the lightning cable and I just had to install a small program on my laptop so it could detect and connect to my iPad Air 2.  After that, it was just like using a second monitor in terms of setting up what position it was in.  On the iPad I just had to launch the app and presto, it was working!  I could even use the touch screen which was pretty sweet but I preferred to use the mouse anyway since thats what I’m used to using when working on a laptop.

I’m going to  keep using this for work and maybe for my MacBook Pro when I’m at home but I doubt it since I’m never doing anything data intensive while at home.  Needless to say, this is totally awesome and brings me back to my days of having a second monitor.  Granted its not as big as the 23″ monitor I have in my office but this will do the job and hopefully make work a little easier for me going forward.


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