Hey 2016… Can I skip working this year?

It’s my first travel day of 2016 and man it’s sucking already.  I’m in Toronto and its 12 degrees outside.  2015 was a pretty good year overall but now it’s time to look forward once again and get used to writing “16” instead of “15” when I date something.  I don’t think I’ll make a goal of having 100 blog posts like I tried and miserably failed last year.  Maybe something closer to 30 (twice or three times a month seems plenty) and I’m running out of things to blog about anyway.  Besides I’m starting to get into posting pictures again on my posts but WordPress doesn’t give me that much storage and it’s kind of a pain to link to a picture from the WordPress iPad app.

Since I’m coming up here for work again, it seems my taxes will be crazy since I’m doing international travel.  I just wish I could come here when it was warm or something so I don’t have to pack so many winter clothes with me or have to brave the outdoors and almost freeze to death.

I’m coming off a 2 week vacation back home and just yesterday I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and now I’m wearing my ski jacket.  Those 2 weeks weren’t long enough, I could use a couple of months off not just a couple of weeks off.  Maybe that was a brief taste of what retirement will be like.  Hmm only 22 years to go unless I strike it rich somehow.  Since I got this blog post out of the way, I only have to make one more for the month!  SWEET!!


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