Switching to VideoLAN from GPlayer on my iPad

The last few years I’ve been using GPlayer as video player of choice since it doesn’t require syncing my entire iPad to iTunes, instead I could use it to just drag and drop videos into the app and thats it, nice and fast!  I also can view files that won’t play on the native Videos app which is also a nice touch.  Recently I received an iPad Air 2 and you can do multi-tasking I have the capability to watch a video and do something else at the same time.  GPlayer hasn’t been updated in some time and it doesn’t support that feature at all which is the primary reason why I’m giving it the old heave ho.  I decided to switch to VideoLAN which recently enabled this feature into their app.

I decided to download it and test it out and it seems to work pretty well!  The one function that I do miss is that when you transfer files over, they don’t group them into folders like GPlayer does natively.  There are a few anime series that have a lot of episodes so I have to put them all into folders manually.  This isn’t really so bad, its just an extra step that I didn’t have to do before.  It does have a very nice interface though and I can see the entire title now.

This will make those nights in the hotel room more productive so I can watch something while surfing the internet or maybe even updating my blog a little more than I have in the past.IMG_1330


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