Finally upgrading my 2011 MacBook Pro Hard Drive to an SSD


After so many years, I’m going to upgrade the drive thats in my 2011 MacBook Pro to an SSD.  I’ve been struggling with my 750GB hard drive for a while now even though the computer is only 4 years old but I’ve run into space problems numerous times now.  I’ve moved my iOS device backups to an external hard drive but thats kind of a pain since I can only do backups and media syncs separately.  The 1TB really isn’t to gain more storage, its more for speed.

A couple of months ago I replaced the battery inside my MacBook so that I can use it again without having it always attached to DC power  (I’m writing this blog post on battery power) and its been great to be able to take my computer around with me without having to drag the power cord along.  I already have 8GB of RAM in the MacBook which should be plenty by all accounts but the performance bottleneck has always been the hard drive.

Now that I have the SSD (well its technically coming in the mail), things should get a lot faster and that will make my computer feel new again.  I made an agreement with the wife that I wouldn’t get a new computer for another 3 years after getting this SSD.   I did see that there were some issues with this particular drive model, but I took the chance since it was $100 below the model that I wanted which was a Samsung 850 or a Crucial 550.  I also read that the company that makes the drive is pretty good about RMA’ing the drive if there’s something wrong and I have my Time Machine backups so I’m not too worried about data loss. I was eyeing one of the newer MacBooks for over a year but I don’t use a computer enough at home to warrant getting a new one.  This brought me to the conclusion that I should just do upgrades since my MacBook is one of the last versions where you can actually replace the parts in it.

I’m hoping that I get the drive during Thanksgiving break, it will take quite a while to clone my current drive (I’ve read iFixit and it might take as much as an entire day to do it).  If I can make my MacBook last as long as my desktop (its going on 8 years and its even running Windows 10 which is amazing), that would have almost doubled my normal upgrade cycle for my computing devices except for my iPhones and iPad’s.  Even those are sticking around fairly long with an average age of 3 years before they’re being replaced.

Now for the hardest part, waiting for the stupid thing to arrive so I can make my computer go FAST again.



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