Flipboard still wins as my news app of choice

I’ve been on the iOS 9 public betas for a while and I’ve had a chance to access the News app that Apple has provided but even though it’s pretty good it’s still not as good as using Flipboard.  I’ve been a Flipboard user since its earliest inception way back when I was using an iPad 2 (not to be confused with the Air 2).  There’s something about it that seems better regarding the experience that Apple hasn’t replicated yet.  I haven’t added all that many extra sources since I first started using it but I do end up browsing other sources when I have the time or there’s a particular topic that I find interesting.

The News app is only ok, I think the thing that I don’t like about it is the limited choices of where content comes from.  It’s also probably my own ignorance on how the app works.  I already had a kick a as news app so why should I change and set up another service to get the same news that I’ve been reading all this time?  I’ve tried using the News app on multiple occasions and every time I’ve found it a bit lacking.  Although I will admit that the place I get most of my news is my Twitter feed which I’m thankful that Flipboard supports.  What disappointed me a lot was the loss in ability to read my Facebook feed using the app but that was because Facebook changed the API and what you could access.

The real kicker though is that the app I still use a lot is the Zite app.  Zite was an app that was bought by Flipboard and recently there is an option to import all the things that you could read in Zite to Flipoard.  I still like the way the Zite service works, even better than Flipboard in my opinion.  It’s still one of my go to news apps for just reading stuff and it has a better way to get me articles that I generally wouldn’t have read otherwise.  I think more integration of features from the Zite app into the Flipboard app will finally get me to ditch Zite but until that time I’m going to continue t use both as my primaries.

I’ll still check out the News app every once in a while but since it’s part of the core OS, I probably won’t see any significant changes to it until the next iOS revision.  And therein probably lies the biggest weakness to native apps on iOS, they can’t be updated like all the other apps on the App Store, you have to wait until there is another iOS revision to see major upgrades to the service.  Maybe iOS shoudn’t pack all those apps into the core OS or they should make u[dates available via the App Store.  The iWork apps work that way although those apps can be deleted and the core apps can’t but maybe that’s an area Apple should consider in the future.

In the mean time I’m going to continue to use Flipboard for aggregating news since that’s what it’s good at and I like the interface the best.


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