Working in the Great White North

It’s already November and I’m well below my goal of 100 blog posts a year.  I know that I’ve done way more than that for Facebook posts but the blog has taken a back seat.  Anyway, for the past month or so I’ve been traveling to Toronto Canada for work.  This isn’t the first time I’ve gone international for work but going to Toronto in 2015 is really going to screw my taxes.  But other than that it’s been pretty nice going up there.

I’ve been able to go see my aunt, uncle, and cousin who I haven’t seen in about a decade (well my cousin I saw this summer in Montreal) but still, it was nice to make the connection.  It was pretty exciting for a while since the Blue Jay’s were in the playoffs but they didn’t get past the ALCS but now it’s hockey season so of course that’s going to make Toronto exciting all over again.

I’ve also captured some pretty awesome pictures from the plane and from walking to and from work.  I’ll have to see more of the city and take more pictures as my project continues through December.  I haven’t toured around the city so much yet, I always pass the CN tower on my way to work but I haven’t seen much else of the city besides taking the subway.

The only downer is that I’m not going to make a lot of hotel points or status this time around.  I have made it past 200K miles on American Airlines though so it’s not a total loss.  I’ll send more updates from TOronto if there’s anything cool to report.  I am eagerly expecting to use Apple Pay though, it should be making its way to Canada soon. 

Oh last pet peeve, I really don’t like foreign transaction fees and I wish my credit cards wouldn’t have them but since it’s a short project I’ll just deal with it for now. 



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