Update: Bose vs. Beats

I finished my week of testing my new Beats Wireless headphones and I have to say that they were pretty useful.  Obviously the bet part about it is that the headphones are wireless which means one less cable to worry about if I’m using them to listen to stuff on the plane or somewhere else.  The area where its weak is the noise cancelling.  I’ve gotten pretty used to what Bose provides in terms of noise cancelling and their stuff is definitely way better than what my Beats were pumping out.

The sound from the Beats headphones were pretty good.  Lots of nice bass which is what I like in my music and if you’re on anything other than a plane the noise cancelling is decent enough that you’re just surrounded by your music or whatever you’re listening to at the time.  The pairing and controls were really easy, there were times when I didn’t pair it and I blasted maybe 1 second of my music in the office by accident but I quickly caught that and re-paired the headphones.  What was really nice was that I could pair 3 bluetooth devices to my iPhone 6 at once and use them all independently.  That wasn’t a main test but still pretty decent.

The rechargable battery was also pretty nice to have, I charged it at work.  I think thats one of the nicest part of the headphones, you don’t need to buy more batteries like the Bose.  The flip side to that is that you have to carry an extra charger with you but I have one for it anyway since I have a Chromecast and some other things that require micro USB.  If you don’t fly in a plane week to week, the Beats are pretty awesome but I think the Beats are going to stay at home for now.  I’m going to re-pack my Bose headphones because the noise cancelling just can’t be beat right now.  Sure I need a healthy supply of batteries for it but I need to also save my hearing and sitting next to large turbo fan engines week to week will erode my hearing over time and this is my way to preserve what little hearing I have left.

Beats gave Bose a good run for its money but the Bose is what I’m packing for travel.


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