iOS 9 Public Beta Test

I just installed the iOS 9 public beta on my iPad Mini 2 to try out some of the new features that were mentioned at WWDC 15.  I’ve only been able to really notice 3 different things right now but thats due to me only using it for a few hours.

1) The new app switching interface is kind of weird since its way dfferent from the old way of doing it.  When switching apps in iOS 8 the tiles of the apps still on popped up on the right, now it shows up to the left so thats a little different.  The way it looks is also different but that doesn’t bother me too much right now.

2) The Notes app is now way more useful with the addition of being able to draw and write in the app instead of just type.  You can also insert pictures and maps into a note which makes it a lot like Evernote or Notes Plus but now its a native thing.   The only thing holding it back is palm rejection for when you’re writing/drawing.

3) Coolest feature by far is the ability to watch a video in a smaller screen while doing something else.  For example I’m watching The Lego Movie while I’m typing this up.  So far this feature is limited to the Video’s app and I’m not allowed to use this feature with GPLayer wihch is what I use most of the time to watch videos.  I watch videos using GPlayer since it doesn’t require actually syncing photos from my iTunes library, I can just directly add videos to the app.

I hope the make the feature watch videos while doing something else extensible to other  video apps so I can continue to not have to add things to my iTunes library.  I’ll continue to test it only on my iPad snce my iPhone is more important to keep stable.   So far so good though!


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