Finally got a Selfie Stick

Those that know me will say “holy shit thats so asian” that I now have a selfie stick.  I got it from my sister and brother in law for my birthday which is fairly soon but I’m not celebrating it at home I’m going to be at work instead.  Either way its pretty cool that I have one now since I can use it on vacation to finally get some family photos.  Being the one with the longest arms in my family, I’m the one that has to struggle with trying to take the selfie photos by stretching my arm out as far as it can go and finding a way to hit the shutter button fast enough while trying to capture my daughter actually smiling.  To say the least I haven’t been all that successful for the most part but since this one is pretty compact I look forward to using it during those times when it would make sense to have a cool family photo.

The one that I have now is a bluetooth one so I just connect to it using my phone.  I think its pretty cool that it does that since I don’t have to worry about using any wires or anything.  I do have to remember to charge it though but that shouldn’t be a concern.  It doesn’t take up a lot of juice, it just needs to be able to hit the shutter button on my camera app.

I already tested it and posted the picture on Facebook to see how it came out, gotta say I’m pretty pleased.  I think now all they need to do is up the quality of the iPhone 6 front camera to be the same as the rear camera so I can take HD quality pics.  I know I’m going to look like a total tourist with it but I don’t care, I want to capture my precious memories.  I know they’re not allowed at Disney anymore but I don’t really care about that, I have a life times worth of pictures from there.

Oh yeah, best feature?  It’s compact enough that I could carry it in my pocket so I don’t technically need to use a backpack or something for it but I will still probably carry it there.


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